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Certification: Useful information

Here are some helpful tips if you are looking to get into the IT field:

1. Certified Computing Professional (CCP) – CCP is a given by the Institute for Computing Professionals (ICCP) to those that were able to verify their skills and knowledge in IT. Individuals that earn the CCP certification must uphold the ICCP’s Code of Conduct, Ethics, and Good Practice. The CCP is offered in various areas of emphasis and at multiple echelons from Foundation to Executive. The prerequisites for an exam determine on the level of the certification. To take the Foundation exam, you need entry level work experience, high school diploma, and be in a Junior Analyst position.

2. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – CISSP is a certification offered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium or better known as (ISC)². CISSP tests your knowledge in designing and efficiently implementing cybersecurity programs, as well as how to manage them. Earning this certificate will not only enhance your career, but you will become a member of (ISC)² which comes with benefits to exclusive education tools, resources, and opportunities to network with (ISC)² peers. Before you can take the CISSP exam, you must have a minimum of five years of experience in two or more of the eight domains. You may use an approved four-year college degree or another industry IT certifications towards work experience.

 3. Project Management Professional (PMP) – The PMP certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Obtaining the PMP certification will validate that an individual has the project leadership talents and expertise in the three key approaches to PMP. Those three approaches are Agile, Hybrid, and Predictive (waterfall). You need to have a four-year degree, 35 hours of project management education, and 36 months as a project leader or a high school diploma, 35 hours of project management education, and 60 months as a project leader. After you meet those prerequisites, you may then apply to take the exam.


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