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Keeping your scents personalize and your information protected with PQC

Quantum computing is advancing and so is post quantum cryptography (PQC). PQC aims to protect data against future threats that accompany advancements in quantum computers and could lead to breakage of present encryption techniques. In anticipation of quantum developments, this technology is being integrated into web browsers and operating systems to improve security. On top of that, there are ongoing plans for the development of Quantum Networking; which will enable quantum computers have a more productive communication that would pave way for a scalable solution​.

Just imagine you have got a secret message which you do not want to fall in someone else’s hands. The secret message was placed in a box which has been locked by use of a special key only opened with specific key, just like another cryptosystem works with computer today. Encrypted data acts as your “locked box” while the encryption method becomes the “key”. Quantum computers can be thought of as supercomputers on steroids. These kinds of computers solve some problems much faster than any fastest modern-day computer we can build. One example is hacking the passwords used in our contemporary cryptographic algorithms. Therefore, if an individual possessed a quantum computer, they could unlock your lockbox and read your secret message very fast. In contrast post-quantum cryptography can be viewed as designing new locks difficult for even these clever super-fast quantum computers to open easily. For instance, scientists are researching on ways to create stronger encryption methods capable of protecting our information even when such computers become widely available. This type relies on complex mathematical problems that are difficult for any possible quantum computer to solve thus providing higher security for our data in all coming times. So put simply post-quantum cryptography means keeping our data safe even when we have super-powerful quantum computers around us.

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